Bipolar ionization damages surface membrane of the Coronavirus to reduce the possibility of COVID infection

The World's Only Personal Air Purifier
Independently Tested & Verified
Wearable Bipolar Ionization
Protection Against COVID

•    The Air Tamer A310 removes airborne pollutants such as cigarette smoke, viruses, PM2.5, pollen, molds and dust mites from your personal space to provide you with clean air

•    Fits in your palm, it’s worn like a necklace.

•    It purifies the air immediately surrounding you.

•    Removes 98.9% of smoke particles in only 5 minutes, 99% of airborne viruses in 32 minutes.

•    No maintenance, no noise

•    It creates a 3 foot protective zone around your head.

•    It works for 40 hours once fully charged and is a must have for travel and public places.

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