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Agile is the only company in the United States with a comprehensive safety solution to IDENTIFY, REDUCE & ELIMINATE risks associated with COVID-19 that includes air testing, high-tech personally worn devices and hospital grade air purification technology:

 Two FDA approved rapid tests with results in 10 minutes

Portable & HVAC Air Purification and Sanitation

Wearable Bipolar Ionization Necklaces

Safety Planning for Special Events & Conventions

  • Families safely attend worship, concerts, banquets, weddings, etc.

    • Athletes can safely practice and play full schedules sports

    • Colleges & universities remain at full attendance classes,

    • K-12 teachers and students to safely return to school

  • Employees to safely return to work

COVID19 is unfortunately part of our lives for coming years, and it is best to have a sound safety plan in place that includes testing, air purification, PPE and surface sanitation than take a chance on experiencing dangerous health impacts, damage to business operations and interrupting education and classroom instruction.

About Agile Technologies

Agile Technologies Group LLC (Agile) is a United States based company, established specifically to address COVID-19 detection, elimination, and prevention.   Services, medical diagnostics, and products offered by Agile have received approval and certifications of appropriate United States government agencies.

Our Tests
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